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John Baumann CPA PC in Portland Your "Other" CPA

"After doing taxes for 25 years, I have decided to focus exclusively on helping clients with their non-tax accounting needs."

Are you getting the accounting support you need?

Most small business owners rely upon a single professional for both tax and accounting services. Most small business owners choose a tax and accounting professional who in turn also operates as a small business. Tax and accounting professionals can be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant), an EA (Enrolled Agent) or an LTC (Licensed Tax Consultants). While these professionals usually have skills in both tax and accounting, tax compliance frequently consumes most of their bandwidth. The discipline of taxation is vast, complicated, deadline driven and constantly changing. I know this because I had been a tax and accounting professional for over twenty five years; and as time passed, tax work always demanded more and more of my day. When clients asked me to help with their non-tax accounting needs, I would often wince and tell them that I was too busy with taxes to be of service. Often, the inquiry was something I really wanted to help with but there was no way to squeeze it in. Believing that the accounting needs of small businesses are frequently under-served and needing some change professionally, I decided to retire out of tax and to focus exclusively on helping clients with their non-tax accounting needs instead. Some of these services are described below.

Accounting Services

  1. Quickbooks related support: Implementation, Productivity Enhancement, Supervision, Training, Annual Pre-Tax Tune Ups,
  2. Quickbooks online migrations or reverse migrations, 
  3. Special accounting projects, 
  4. Paperless or less-paper office modernizations,
  5. After-the-fact bookkeeping,
  6. W-9/1099-Misc training, supervision and support,
  7. Part-time financial and accounting management support,
  8. Business plan development,
  9. Budgeting and forecasting,
  10. Emergency or unplanned accounting vacancy stop-gap support,
  11. Tax audit documentation gathering support,
  12. Problem payroll projects. small business consulting

Complementary vs. Competitive Relationship

The nature of providing non-tax accounting services complements rather than competes with your tax professional. My intent is to be a resource to you, your business and your tax professional so that fewer of your needs go unmet. If getting in contact with your tax person for accounting assistance is a challenge or if you are just reluctant to reach out because you know they are so busy, please consider contacting me to see whether having an “other” CPA makes sense.